Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a stylized technique that involves the fusion of jazz and street dancing. As the hip hop world evolves so does our classes every week. The class starts out with a warm-up and then focuses on high energy moves that include breaking, locking, and popping.


Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and is carried over to most other dance styles. At The Tate Academy we hold the highest regard for the training of our ballet dancers. Dancers will not only learn ballet’s formal/strict technique but also it’s own French vocabulary.


Jazz dance has evolved over the past few years due to it’s popularity on TV, movies, music videos, and commercials. Today’s jazz may include Broadway, Jazz Funk and even contemporary movements. Dancers complete warm-up and stretching exercises before going across the floor to work on such skills as leaps, turns, kicks and jumps before learning a combination to end the class.


Contemporary is a dance form that borrows qualities from classical ballet, modern, and jazz while telling a story through movement. Contemporary is very creative and makes a dancer utilize an internal monologue while showcasing the dancers control and strength.


Tap is the communication of dance through sound which increases a students awareness of rhythm and syncopation. Steps of varying difficulty are taught progressively through the year, allowing each dancer to master techniques at his/her own pace. The Tate Academy prides themselves on offering different levels for all ages.


Acro is the combination of gymnastics and dance. The class focus is on balance, flexibility, and control. Students will learn cartwheels, bridges, head/hand stands, aerials, handsprings and much more. This style of dance teaches students the importance of being spatially aware, persistent, and confident.

Ballet/Tap Combo

Ballet/Tap combo class is the introduction for a young student(ages 4-5) into the dancer world. The one hour class focuses on Ballet for the first half hour and Tap for the last half hour. Instruction is offered in a fun way that gets our littlest dancers excited about dance.

Leaps/Turns Combo

Leaps/Turns class is strictly a technique class! The focus is on improving and strengthening technique associated with stretching, turning, jumps, and leaps. Students do not learn combinations or routines but focus solely on mastering and perfecting certain techniques to improve performance in all other classes. This is a class based program, no performance at the end of the year.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre class is for the students who loves to sing, dance, act and just be on a stage. Combinations and songs are given from Broadway shows and Musical Movies. This class is definitely high energy and lots of fun!


Conditioning class is given to those students/adults wanting to become stronger in everything they do! Every class is completely different varying in cardio, pilates, weights and more to reach each students own physical goal.

Tiny Tates 

Tiny Tates is geared to get that little mover (ages 2-3) into a dance class with you there for his or her complete confidence. The focus is to inspire that little one with movement and music. This is a class based program, no performance at the end of the year.


Pre-Acro is for that little daredevil (ages 3-4) that cannot stop flipping. Instruction includes a fun and safe environment for the student to learn proper technique needed for head stands, forward rolls and flexibility holds.

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